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Hide del Ratonero


This hide has Northeast orientation, is open all year.

Morning sessions are preferable.

It has a capacity for 2 people, has spy glass.

In this Hide several innkeepers have been prepared that are habitually used by a couple of Mousers.

It is visited from time to time by a couple of hawks that walk in this area.

Several nest boxes have also been placed in the area to improve the settlement of the birds.

In addition, it has enabled a feeder and drinker for the many birds that will make the wait more bearable.

This Hide is located just 10 minutes from Córdoba Capital in the foothills of the Sierra de Córdoba.






Price Hide of Buzzard

Price for 1 person90 €
Price for 2 people80 €/person

Price Hide de los Perezones

Price for 1 person120 €
Price for 2 people100 €/person

Price Hide El Mirador

Price for 1 person75 €
Price for 2 people65 €/person
Price for 3 people55 €/person
Price for 4 people45€/person


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