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Our offer

What we offer you:

-The possibility of enjoying a relaxed day in the countryside surrounded by a nature full of life.
- Enjoy the tranquility of observing birds and other animals in their comings and goings without being observed.
-The possibility of seeing birds up close that you probably did not know that existed or that you have only seen sporadically once in a while.
-Offer the possibility of giving you HIGH in our ALERT SYSTEM. We will notify you by whatsapp or e-mail depending on what species or behavior you want to observe.

When hiring a session we have the right to:

-Use of the Hide in the session and schedules agreed.
-Management of the necessary permits with the competent Administration and with the ownership of the land to carry out the session in accordance with the law.
-Collected to the client at the agreed time and transfer to your vehicle.
- Transfer from the meeting place to the entrance of Hide.
-Inmediate communication with the guide throughout the session through whatsapp for any questions, questions or emergencies.

Rules of Use:

- It is forbidden to leave the hide, except in case of emergency, this does not include physiological needs, for which a deposit will be provided.
-It is forbidden to smoke inside the Hide, as well as to open the front window.
-It is recommended not to get too close to the glass and / or make sudden movements because it can be detected.
-You should speak quietly inside the Hide.
-At the end of the Hide session, please leave the Hide in the same conditions as it was found, not leaving any remains of food, materials, plastics ... etc.
-It is recommended when possible NOT to talk with the phone inside the Hide, it is best to put the phone in "silent" mode and use the messages to communicate.
- You can not leave the Hide until the guide knocks on the door at the time previously agreed.
-It is recommended to wear dark clothing and gloves in winter so that it is not detected.
-The entrance and exit of the Hide should be done in silence.
-The crystal will be cleaned by a WildNAT technician before each session. However, cleaning products will be left inside the Hide in case you want to clean more of a specific area. It is recommended to clean the glass when there is no movement of birds.





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