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- At the end of the session, a loyalty card will be delivered to the guide in future sessions for its sealing.
- The sixth session in the same calendar year will be free.
- These prices are for Weekend, the weekday sessions usually carry a discount on this price (depending on season).
- For more information, you can write to info@wildnat.com



Price Hide of Buzzard

Price for 1 person90 €
Price for 2 people80 €/person

Price Hide de los Perezones

Price for 1 person120 €
Price for 2 people100 €/person

Price Hide El Mirador

Price for 1 person75 €
Price for 2 people65 €/person
Price for 3 people55 €/person
Price for 4 people45€/person


Alberto Torressite by Bluekea